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If you decide to establish your business in Grästorp, we’ll put a mentor at your disposal – a smart way for getting an overview, support and finding the right contacts.

Personal service.
Through one contact person, you’ll have access to information about our entire range of services. We’ll assist you in obtaining permissions, building permits, and accessing all resources that are available through our business network.

Good connections.
In 20 minutes of time, you’ll be able to reach Trollhättan, and to get to Lidköping will take you just under half an hour. Gothenburg is just under an hour away, and by train, you can travel to Stockholm in the morning and be back in the evening. The airport is close-by.

Efficient decision making procedures.
In Grästorp, we can very quickly turn the spoken word into action. All channels for cooperation are in place, and proximity is a principle that applies in all aspects.

You’ll have access to fibre optic broadband, that has been extended into industrial areas.

Financial resources.
In Grästorp, we have a local bank that is highly committed to the development of trade and industry.

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