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Grästorp is a small municipality. This gives us the advantage of being flexible and efficient. We do not hide behind complicating bureaucracy, but cooperate effectively with local Trade and Industry!

Grästorp – rural yet central
Grästorp’s municipality has a highly varied Trade and Industry sector with many small businesses and a broad spectrum of trade activities with interesting and successful activities, including many service providers and agricultural businesses. In most recent years, several highly competent IT businesses have established themselves here, businesses that technically are absolutely cutting edge in their respective fields. Grästorp knows a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a positive attitude towards business. This is reflected in the SvensktNäringsliv’s (Swedish Trade and Industry Association’s) annual ranking with respect to the business climate. For the past couple of years, Grästorp has made the top 100 list, with its most recent ranking being 42 amongst Sweden’s 290 municipalities. The municipality has a strategically advantageous location, in proximity to highways 47 and 44, right in the middle of the Region of VästraGötaland, and close to Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Lidköping, and the rest of West Sweden. The railway line Uddevalla-Borås-Varberg leads right through Grästorp, which means that we have good connections to the western main line of Stockholm-Gothenburg. Via Borås, it’s easy to reach the southern parts of the country. There are flights to and from Stockholm from the Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport, which is approximately 20 minutes away. The flight to Stockholm takes an hour.

Above all, Grästorp’s municipality offers a stunning living environment. A very rich voluntary sector, good possibilities for sports and leisure activities, and attractive prices for homes and plots are reasons for many people to take up residence and establish their businesses here. Grästorp constitutes a centre for trade and service providers. You’ll also find several manufacturing and services oriented businesses here, most of which are small in size. The largest companies are Linjemontage AB, Ahlsell Sverige AB (Gelia), DataVäxt AB, LOK Industri AB, and Axima AB.

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