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NäringslivssamverkanGrästorp (NSG – Collaboration Within Trade and Industry Grästorp) is a non-profit organisation that is actively promoting trade and industry in the municipality. Principals in the NSG are Grästorp Handel, Företagarna, LRF, Grästorps Fastighetsägare, Åse Viste Sparbank and the Grästorp Municipality.

Unique resources for entrepreneurs in Grästorp

  • Trade and Industry have an established collaboration with the municipality
  • It’s a natural meeting place for entrepreneurs
  • Consultation and start-up support are provided
  • Networks within the municipality are strengthened

In Grästorp, we have our very own model for furthering trade and industry. Trade and Industry and the municipality together have established the non-profit organisation Näringslivssamverkan Grästorp (NSG).

Three business organisations have joined forces, and the local bank and municipality are represented on the board of the NSG. These parties define long-term strategies. With the NSG, Grästorp has succeeded in creating an effective meeting place and driving force for trade and industry.

The NSG’s overall objective is to develop and strengthen trade and industry in the municipality. Our efforts are initially aimed at existing businesses and the establishment of new businesses, but we are also involved in assisting companies that move to Grästorp with the process of settling in. The NSG welcomes businesses from all sectors.

We organise regular business meetings, mostly over breakfast, with interesting speakers. The objective of these activities is to enhance competencies, to create collaboration forms and to strengthen networks for our entrepreneurs. In cooperation with the Nyföretagarcentrum (Centre for New Entrepreneurs), we organise several informative meetings per year for people who are about to establish their business.

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Business Development Manager Sofia Jessen, +46 (0)514-580 76,